PromptSmart is the first and only “smart” teleprompter app. VoiceTrack speech recognition technology automatically follows your voice as you speak. PromptSmart is a unique prompter app because VoiceTrack’s speech recognition engine gives you unparalleled and intuitive control over your content, where other teleprompter or autocue apps fall short because they rely on clunky hardware or pre-set scrolling speeds. We asked tens of thousands of users what they liked most about our prompter app, and over 90% of respondents said it was VoiceTrack, calling it “awesome,” “astonishing,” “tremendous,” “easy to use,” a “game changer”—“absolutely brilliant!!!”

PromptSmart Lite is a trial version of our more full-featured app, PromptSmart Pro.

Features available in PromptSmart Pro:
+ Video recording with save to camera roll
+ Mirrored text
+ 14 fonts, and 19 text/ background colors
+ Reading guide and line indicator
+ Elapsed timer
+ Remember script/ notecard position upon closing of app
-No limitation on number of scripts
+Optional subscription unlocks a File Sync service among iOS devices, a bulk import feature, and compatibility with a remote control (available via iOS App Store)

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