Teleprompter software allows you to read your lines quickly and without mistakes. Choose between automatic scrolling and voice-activated scrolling, which follows your voice as you talk.

HOW TO USE: Simply copy/paste your script into this window, adjust the font size and speed, and press the play button at the top. If you're reading your script on a teleprompter, the 'Horizontal Flip' button at the top flips your script to a mirror image. Keep reading to learn all about the software or click the instructions icon above for videos and manuals.

UPDATES: This version was released on August 7th, 2023. We're constantly updating the code to add new features, fix bugs, and provide instructions.

FREE TELEPROMPTER: The software is free, with no trial periods, upgrades, or limitations. If you need help or have feature requests, simply email (don't forget to check out our instructions at the top first!).

LANGUAGE SUPPORT: Multilingual support--you can use non-English characters, even Kanji.

VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS: Click the instructions link at the top of the screen for our complete guide.

MOBILE DEVICES: On mobile devices, press the 'Menu' icon to access the controls.

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE: In case you need to return to this page for teleprompting, bookmark this page (CTRL+D).

FONT COLORS & IMAGES: Font color and images are enabled by clicking on the icon at the top for rich text copy/pasting. With this mode on, you can write your teleprompter script in another program such as Word or another editor, then copy/paste it into this screen with your formatting preserved.

ZOOM TELEPROMPTER: In addition to recording videos and making speeches, teleprompter software can be used with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and other meeting software to read your notes while making direct eye contact. By outlining what you're going to say in advance, you can streamline your meetings and deliver accurate, detailed information.

WEB BROWSER TELEPROMPTER: It runs in your browser, so there's no need to download or install anything. If you prefer to download teleprompter software, check out

TABLETS, CELL PHONES, & LAPTOPS: In addition to running on a desktop PC, the software automatically adjusts to your screen size on smaller devices. When editing your script on cell phones and tablets, you'll find it helpful to sync a bluetooth keyboard or plug it into the USB port of your cell phone, tablet, or iPad. Adding a touchpad keyboard or mouse makes it even easier to edit your script.

VOICE ACTIVATED SCROLLING: Activate it in the Chrome browser by clicking the microphone button above. The voice activated software is a separate webpage. You can also copy/paste your script there.

PRIVACY & SECURITY: Text is only stored locally on your web browser, so scripts aren't uploaded to a server.

HOW TO LOAD SCRIPTS: Copying/pasting can be done in Windows with CTRL+C / CTRL+V and on Mac with Command+C / Command+V. Looking to paste as plain text with no formatting? In Windows, the hotkey is Ctrl+Alt+V and on Mac it's Option+Shift+Command+V. Alternatively, you can also right click and select paste as plain text.

EDITING & SAVING: You can edit your scripts on this page, or use copy/paste to load them from another program. Use the save and load buttons to save it to your computer for later.

TELEPROMPTER PRACTICE: Need teleprompter practice? Press play right now to start practicing with this pre-written script. You can adjust the font size and speed to practice your teleprompting.

SPEED: Set the speed to a comfortable pace or click the microphone icon above for voice activated scrolling.

MIRROR FLIP: Click the icon above to mirror flip your text (handy when using beamsplitter mirrors). Looking for a teleprompter or beamsplitter mirror? Check out our website,

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Works on Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, Linux, and more. If you're using an iPad or Android tablet, add a shortcut to your home screen to enable full screen.

KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS: Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts to control your teleprompter:

Up: Increases Font Size

Down: Decreases Font Size

Left: Slows Down Teleprompter

Right: Speeds Up Teleprompter

Space: Starts / Stops Teleprompter

Escape: Rewinds your script back to the start

F11: Fullscreen Browser (Fn+F11 on compact keyboards)

Having trouble with the keyboard shortcuts? Don't forget to use your mouse or touch screen to click on the script once it's running to allow keyboard input to the screen.

TIPS: The voice activated and non-voice activated versions of this software are actually two separate pages, so if you're switching between them, you'll simply need to copy and paste your script.


ABOUT US: And now, a message from our sponsors--us! A lot of you have been asking how I've recorded hundreds of YouTube videos. Right now, I’m standing in front of a chromakey backdrop. By combining a green screen with a teleprompter, I’m able to script all my lines in advance, adding the visuals in post processing.

I'm going to let you in on a secret: a teleprompter is simply a beamsplitter mirror that displays my script in front of a camera. Using a teleprompter allows me to thoroughly research detailed scripts in advance and deliver them effortlessly.

The magic is in the highly transparent mirror, which provides tint-free visibility for my camera to record through. Because my script is in front of the camera lens, I can keep direct eye contact with my audience.

Hi, I'm Krista, videographer, actress, and anything else I want to be when using my teleprompter! I made this program to help you deliver your lines quickly and confidently on camera.

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful for sharing your message with the world!

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