Free Teleprompter Software & Apps (Updated for 2023)

Are you looking to create great scripts which scroll automatically on your screen? Teleprompter software allows you to easily adjust the font size, color, scroll rate, and even mirror flip your text. If you’re looking to get started quickly and for free, we’ve written teleprompter software which works in your web browser:

Online Teleprompter

Prefer to download software to your PC, laptop, tablet, or cell phone? We’ve tried out tons of teleprompter software to bring you a carefully curated selection of the best free and paid apps. Choose your OS below:

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We’ve thoroughly reviewed each of the apps to help you start delivering flawless speeches and making great videos. Looking for additional information on beamsplitter glass, teleprompter training, or mirror flipping your screen? We’ve put together a definitive guide to everything you’ll need to know:

Free Teleprompter Training

Looking to use our software in your native language? Check out our Spanish & Portuguese teleprompter below (other languages coming soon!):

Spanish Teleprompter
Portuguese Teleprompter
French Teleprompter

Teleprompter App Downloads

Looking for free teleprompter downloads? We’ve carefully curated a list of the best. Check out our recommendations below:

speech teleprompter

Teleprompter Products

In addition to providing teleprompter software, we manufacture teleprompters products, including teleprompter glass and presidential teleprompters. We’re standing by to help you order the perfect product for your business. Check out our free teleprompter training courses on how to use them.

Teleprompter Mirror
Presidential Teleprompter

Teleprompter Training

Looking to master your teleprompter? In our extensive library of free lessons, we teach you how to deliver flawless lines and speed up productions. We take you inside our studio and reveal the teleprompter techniques we use to deliver great speeches and create fast videos.

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Teleprompter Training
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How To Mirror Flip Your Screen

No Software Required

Mirror flipped displays are a critical upgrade for a professional level teleprompter studio. In our complete guide to flipping your screen, we’ll show you how to mirror flip your display with a number of different techniques.

  • Versatile – Plug into your PC or laptop to start teleprompting with PowerPoint, Word, & more!

  • Easy – Set it and forget it! We outline several different methods.

  • No software – Eliminate your dependence on teleprompter software.

  • Multilingual – Never miss a character again! The ultimate solution for all languages.

Mirror Flip Your Screen
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microsoft powerpointmirror flip microsoft powerpoint

How To Mirror Flip PowerPoint Slides For A Teleprompter

Mirror flipping PowerPoint slides is fast and easy–IF you know how! Using PowerPoint to deliver information on a teleprompter is extremely popular with doctors, engineers, and business professionals. Discover how to automatically flip your slides using our complete guide:

Mirror Flip PowerPoint