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Custom Size Optical Grade Beamsplitter.

Optical quality teleprompter mirrors, also known as dielectric beamsplitter mirrors, allow your camera to record through them with flawless picture quality, while providing you with a crisp reflection of your text.  We supply the same mirrors used in expensive teleprompters costing $20,000 and more, as well as most other teleprompters on the market. The reflective side has a tint-free mirror coating, and the backside has an antireflective coating to prevent a double image seen in cheap teleprompter glass known as “ghosting.”

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Optical Dielectric Beamsplitter


Shameless Promo

Sam Tucker of SAMTIME fame demonstrates the presidential teleprompter in this remarkable, groundbreaking video. We paid him to do this, obviously.

About The Technology

Our optical quality teleprompter mirrors, also known as beamsplitter mirrors, allow your camera to record with flawless picture quality.

Teleprompter Software On Smart Phone

Teleprompter Software

Say hello to MirrorScript Pro

Don’t waste your money on our competitors software! We used a tiny part of our hard earned moolah to develop MirrorScript for you, our awesome customers. It works on all devices and operating systems.

HDMI MirrorBox

Eliminate the need for software. Flip the image on your screen with this handy converter. Add to your order for $199.95.

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HDMI MirrorBox

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