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Beamsplitter Mirror

The optical grade beamsplitter coating provides the highest quality on the market, allowing you to record flawless videos in 4k or even 8k resolution. On the backside of the glass is an antireflective coating which prevents a double reflection, also known as “ghosting.” The tint-free mirror coating allows undistorted recording quality while providing crisp, easy-to-read reflection of text.

  • Optical Grade – dielectric mirror technology provides tint free light transmission

  • Fast Shipping – We begin cutting your order immediately.

  • Expert Packaging – Carefully packaged and fully insured to protect your investment.

The coatings are durable, allowing easy cleaning with standard glass cleaner and paper towels. We thoroughly sand the edges for your protection, and carefully pack them in styrofoam with full insurance to make sure you get the mirrors in good condition. With our industry-leading 90-day returns, you can try any of our products with complete confidence.

Mirror Pricing
Trapezoid Mirror

Beamsplitter Mirror

Optical quality beamsplitter mirror for teleprompter equipment.


Presidential Prompter

Deliver speeches or use it for recording videos through the mirror.


Executive Prompter

Innovative design holds  camera behind the mirror for recording.


HDMI MirrorBox

Flips HDMI signal from your Windows PC or Mac to a mirror image.


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“These guys are amazing ! They provide one of the best, if not the best customer support experience. I don’t think anyone should even think of any other place other than this to get a stereoscopic mirror for their project. Kudos !”

SUNNY ABDULLAH, Biometric Operations Manager


Our optical quality teleprompter mirrors, also known as beamsplitter mirrors, allow your camera to record with flawless picture quality, while providing you with enough reflection to clearly see your text.  They are the same mirrors used in expensive teleprompters costing $20,000 and more, as well as most DIY teleprompters. The reflective side has a dielectric (tint-free) mirror coating, and the other side has an antireflective coating. The anti-reflective coating eliminates the faint double image, also known as “ghosting,” that is a problem with cheap teleprompter glass.

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