Best Windows Teleprompter Software [For 2022]

We’ve put together a list of the very best Windows teleprompter apps so you don’t have to waste time sifting through old, poor quality software.

There are hundreds of Windows teleprompter software downloads available, so we spent a long time downloading and filtering them down to the very best. In our reviews below, we’ve included pricing, downloads, and features. We cover how to read scrolling text, mirror flip PowerPoint slides, Word, and other Windows programs. Teleprompter software ranges from completely free to costing hundreds of dollars. Is it actually worth it to buy them? What we discovered was surprising! Sometimes the best things in life really are free! 

Table of Contents

  1. Online Teleprompter (Voice Activated, Free)
  2. MirrorScript Pro (Free, Download)
  3. Teleprompter Pro ($8.99, Free Trial)
  4. Imaginary Teleprompter (Free, Download)
  5. Cue Prompter (Free, Online)
  6. PromptDog ($67, Free Trial)
  7. EasyPrompter ($10/month, Free Option)
  8. QuickPrompt (Free)
  9. Prompt! ($44, Free Option)
  10. PromptSmart ($60, Free Trial)
  11. (Free, Online Teleprompter)

Online Teleprompter (Free, Voice Activated)

I’m excited to share one of the easiest teleprompter software available for laptops. It’s called Online Teleprompter. This software will work for Windows AND Mac.I know, right?! Simply copy/paste your script in and it moves on its own. Here’s a few of the important features:

  1. It can only be used from the Google Chrome Browser. There are plans to eventually work for other browsers and mobile phone in the future but only time will tell.
  2. The website includes several different buttons. To import your script, copy and paste your script into the text box in the upper right.
  3. To get it Teleprompter ready you will want to use the “flip text” button. That is what allows you to read it off of the mirror.
  4. You can also use the restart button if you want to start the script over. If you want to spice it up, you can also add colors to your text to highlight on important topics.
  5. Lastly, you can change your font size to help it fill the entire screen so it is clear and easy to read.
  6. My favorite part of this software is that it is voice controlled! It moves on your own when you speak, so whether you talk fast or slow, it will follow your words very well. There will be times that it might trip up when you’re talking, so all you will need to do is repeat what wasn’t heard the first time around. With voice, it makes it very good for shooting your own videos when you are by yourself but not very good for live scenarios.

In conclusion, Online Teleprompter is a very good app that makes your videos look even more professional. It’s easy to use and has voice activation which can help streamline the video creation process.

YouTube video
Launch Online Teleprompter

PromptSmart Studio Edition (7 day trial, $5.99 / month, Voice Activated)

With the Studio Edition of PromptSmart you can:

1. Push scripts to external windows (up to 180 pt font)
2. Maximize the window to fit your display
3. Mirror the display for use with a teleprompter rig
4. View prompter content from your computer in a 1-1 preview window
5. Control the script flow with the keyboard
6. Map longer scripts with cue points to quickly navigate in presentation mode
7. Create rundowns that automatically re-populate your pre-created segments
8. Interrupt live broadcasts with breaking news or urgent updates


Your purchase of PromptSmart Studio entitles you to download the app onto your PCs, Macs, and Linux machines and it also will activate an Extended subscription in our mobile apps (both iOS and Android). All you will need to do is log into the Pro application on your iOS or Android device and your bundled Extended subscription will be enabled in our mobile teleprompter applications as well — a $34.99/yr value!


  • You can use your tablet or phone as an extended display from your computer? This enables you to control the text flow from the Studio Edition preview window on your laptop or desktop! We are not affiliated or in any way connected with these companies, just passing along information: DuetLunaAir Display from Avatron.
  • When Apple releases Catalina/iOS 13 in fall of 2019, it will include a native screen extender from your Mac to an iPad or iPhone. Learn more about Apple Sidecar.


An update to the Studio Edition product is almost ready. It will include a shortut to our Help Center in the app and also allow you to resize the prompter with the mouse, along with some other improvements and bug fixes. Visit to access it once it’s released!

We are also working to unify our database to make a live connection between all of our app platforms so that your content will sync from desktop to mobile and soon on the web, too!

YouTube video
PromptSmart Studio Edition

MirrorScript Pro (Free Download)

Do you remember the days back in high school when you just about peed your pants when called on to present a project? Oh, you still do that?! So does approximately everyone in the world who gets on stage and has to picture the audience in their underwear. We have great news for the every-day queasy, nervous being who gets in front of a crowd. We will help turn your presentations into those badass films that looked like no one was actually reading their lines…with teleprompters and teleprompter software! Also widely used in news-casting and promos.

So, join the dozens of professional teleprompter operators and commercial video production houses who use our website to replace the outdated, heavy and hard-to-master software that came with teleprompters that cost them the big bucks.

Download MirrorScript
MirrorScript Website
mirrorscript pro
autocue software

Teleprompter Pro ($8.99, Free Trial)

Teleprompter Pro
Teleprompter Pro
Developer: Purple Wizard
Price: $8.99
  • Teleprompter Pro Screenshot
  • Teleprompter Pro Screenshot
  • Teleprompter Pro Screenshot
  • Teleprompter Pro Screenshot
  • Teleprompter Pro Screenshot
  • Teleprompter Pro Screenshot
  • Teleprompter Pro Screenshot
  • Teleprompter Pro Screenshot
  • Teleprompter Pro Screenshot

Teleprompter Pro is designed to produce scrolling text used by professional TV companies and movie producers. Teleprompter Pro is the most user friendly and feature rich teleprompter available in the Windows Store. Teleprompter Pro goes much further than standard teleprompters with inbuilt functionality to record your performance. It also includes advance features like dual screen and voice recognition control. All at a fraction of the cost of teleprompters with less functionality. Teleprompter Pro is ideal for video and podcast production. The software allows configurable scroll speed, text size and colours. You can also load and save scripts from standard text files. It can also be used for learning song lyrics. The scrolling text can also be mirrored and inverted for use with teleprompter hardware. The program also embeds your selected scroll speed and text size in the script file so you can save the file with different settings for different users or different project requirements. You can produce teleprompter hardware very cheaply or just put your display running Teleprompter Pro next to your camera to enable you to deliver professional quality speeches. The app also includes full webcam support so you can record your speech, podcast or singing directly in the app. Supports Logitech Presenter Wireless Controllers and other wireless controllers. Features: Adjustable text size, adjustable speed, auto save, embed settings into scripts, in-built help, support for wireless controllers, Invert and mirror text, in-built script editor, duration and time remaining, super smooth scrolling. 1 Day Free Trial so you can buy with confidence. Video Tutorial:

Imaginary Teleprompter (Free Download)

Imaginary Teleprompter is a great, free Teleprompter software. The features include: mirroring, dual-screen support, rich text editing, image support, custom styles, tablet mode, webcam mode, auto-save and accelerated graphics. Mirroring is extremely important to have when using a TelePrompter, because it flips the words to make it easier to read! Custom styles are great to have, because everyone has a reading preference. White letters on a black background doesn’t cut it for everyone!

Download Imaginary Teleprompter (Online Teleprompter)

CuePrompter is a free teleprompter/autocue service. You don’t need to download anything, and there is no extra software needed because your browser works like a teleprompter.  You can use it for commercial or non-commercial, and it is free for any use.

Visit CueTeleprompter

PromptDog (Free Trial, $67 to purchase)

PromptDog is an easy Teleprompter software. Do you want to buy expensive Teleprompting equipment? No? Well, that’s okay because PromptDog just needs a video camera, and a laptop. If you don’t want to use your laptop, a smartphone will work, too!

Download PromptDog


EasyPrompter is another great software. It is only $10 a month. EasyPrompter is great, because it gives you a tutorial on how to use the software. Also, it has a website designed around it. So, if you have any questions or want to know more about the product, you can easily navigate and discover different components.

Download EasyPrompter

Quick Prompt

QuickPrompt is a simple Teleprompter software for Windows that was designed to meet daily set requirements. A tablet might not be the best source, because this software was designed and developed with a Teleprompter-operator in mind.

Some features include:

  • fluent speed control with mouse wheel or trackpad.
  • On the fly script and text size changes while prompting.
  • Fast switch over from one script to the next.
  • combine webcam with text while prompting.
  • Internal text and webcam flipping. Horizontal and Vertical.
Download Quick Prompt


Prompt! is able to save it’s own file format, so you can improve your text and writing along the way. This allows the presenter to read and adjust the settings. Then, give the application and the file to the person on the camera to practice wherever they are, regardless of it having to be Windows or Mac. Also, the scrolling settings you make stay on the files.

Download Prompt!


PromptSmart Pro is what we like to use for our Teleprompters. It has mirror flipping, automatic scrolling, manual scroll, or a voice scroll. The voice scroll is great, because it moves along with your voice when you speak. You can use this app with iPad’s, laptops, and TV’s.

Download PromptSmart
Teleprompter Software
‎PromptSmart Pro - Teleprompter
‎PromptSmart Pro - Teleprompter

Teleprompt.Online is a web application that is free! It prompts text in your browser, any browser. You can adjust the text size, speed and duration, and even color management. Do you hate reading black lettering off a white background? Well, now you can adjust it to your own preference! Also, it can give you estimations of duration depending on the speed you select. So, you have to have a certain speech time? This application can tell you how long it will take! Cool, right!?

Visit Telepromt.Online