Presidential Teleprompter

Presidential Teleprompter


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Presidential Teleprompter

The best speech is one where the speaker can maintain direct eye contact with the audience. This is easy to do with a Presidential Teleprompter, which displays text from a laptop or monitor. Not only does the presidential teleprompter allow for that constant connection, but in addition you can record through the glass when recording videos. Simply mount a tripod with camera behind it, and your Presidential Teleprompter becomes a professional recording studio. To see how it works, check out our demo videos below.

  • Heavy duty stand and clip prevents tipping

  • Instant assembly and disassembly

  • 14″ x 14″ Optical Grade Beamsplitter Mirror

  • Custom size glass available

  • Outdoor teleprompter glass available

  • Compatible with 10″ to 24″ tablets, laptops, & monitors

  • Use with larger displays with optional stand

  • Free teleprompter software included

  • Adjustable height up to 8 ft

  • Adjustable glass angle

  • Guaranteed Quality

  • In stock, immediate shipping

  • Expert customer support

  • Great value at only $799.95

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Features Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you ship it?

It’s in stock and ready to be shipped right away.

How good is the quality?

After seeing President Obama’s teleprompter break, we were inspired to create a simple, high quality design. Combining the sturdy base with a heavy duty clip prevents a lot of issues seen with other units.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we can easily ship internationally from our factory in Toledo, Ohio.

Can I record through the mirror?

Yes, we include a black cloth for the backside, allowing a camera to record straight through with flawless video quality.

What displays does it work with?

The presidential works great with monitors, TVs, tablets, & laptops. For large displays (28″ or more), remove the laptop tray and use a table for improved stability.

What software does it include?

Download free software from us or sign on the Apple or Google app stores for the latest in great teleprompter software. You don’t even need to use software if you’re using a screen that mirror flips automatically, or an HDMI MirrorBox.

How can I control the software?

There are a lot of different devices on the market. Choose one which is compatible with your operating system: Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, or Android. We use the Logitech Presenter Remote for our productions.

What screen size should I use?

When the laptop tray is adjusted to the top, you can read comfortably from a 10″ screen at 6ft away. For easier reading, we recommend a 32″ screen at waist height. If the screen is on the floor, a 42″ size is ideal. If you’re using a large screen, simply set it on a table, such as a Pyle laptop stand.

Can I order a Presidential Teleprompter with outdoor glass, or custom size glass?

Yes, we can easily send a quote with the glass of your choice.

Shameless Promo

Sam Tucker of SAMTIME fame demonstrates the presidential teleprompter in this awesome video. We paid him to do this, obviously.

Presidential Demo

Krista takes you through the best features of the Presidential Teleprompter and teaches how to avoid painful mistakes when purchasing one.

Presidential Tips

We customized our Presidential Teleprompter with larger glass and take you inside our studio to check it out!

Presidential Mastery

Looking to master your teleprompter? Our series of Teleprompter Mastery Courses takes you to the pro level.

Presidential Assembly

We make it ridiculously easy to assemble. We’re only a phone call away if you need any help.

Customer Review

We love it when our clients get as pumped about our products as we do. Check out this video review of our presidential model.


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