How To Make A Teleprompter

Learn step-by-step how to make a professional quality teleprompter, complete with a parts list. In addition, I share the free teleprompter software we use to record hundreds of YouTube videos in our studio.

How Does A Speech Teleprompter Work?

A teleprompter is simply a transparent beamsplitter mirror mounted at an angle over a display. When delivering a speech, the reflection of the script is invisible on the backside so only the speaker can see it. When recording through it, a black cloth is placed on top to block reflections from above.

Assembly Overview

In-Depth Build Guide

Beamsplitter Mirror

For comfortable viewing using any device up to a 17″ laptop, I recommend a minimum of 14″ x 14″ in size. If you plan to use larger displays, such as a 32″ monitor, you should upgrade to an 18″x18″ size.

The mirror has a special dielectric coating on low iron glass, which minimizes tint and allows a crisp reflection of the script. It also has an anti-reflective coating on the back side to prevent ghosting. The best angle for your mirror is 45 degrees (or more) and you can adjust the angle to center the reflection of your display.

The mirror also has round corners that give a nice visual appearance while preventing accidental breakage.

Heavy Duty Light Stand

The heavy-duty light stand is the foundation of your teleprompter, so you’ll want it to weigh enough to support the weight of the glass without tipping. The height is easily adjustable, so you can center the glass to the height of the speaker. For additional stability, such as using outside, the legs can be weighed down with weighted bags. 

Nikon 7070 Glass Mount

The Nikon mount holds and angles the beamsplitter glass. It locks securely in place with a padded clamp to prevent scratching and breakage.

Threaded Screw Adapter Kit

The threaded screw kit connects the light stand and the Nikon 7070 mount.

Laptop Tray

The laptop tray is used to hold your iPad, tablet, or laptop (up to 18″ laptop supported).

Tray Attachment

The microphone boom mount connects the laptop tray to the light stand.

Tray Adapter

The tray adapter connects the microphone boom mount to the tray.

Monitor Stand (Optional)

A portable, lightweight table that can be used to support a 32″ display under the teleprompter.

Recommended Studio Gear [2024]


14.6″ Samsung S8 Ultra Tablet

32″ Samsung Display (With Built-In Mirror Flipping)

12.9″ iPad Pro or MacBook

Windows Laptop: 17.3″ Gigabyte Aorus


Tripod Weight Bag (For Optional Added Stability)

DSLR Tripod: K&F Concept (For DSLR Camera)

Budget Microphone: Neewer NW-82

Pro Microphone: Sennheiser MKE-600

High Quality Microphone Cord


Green Screen (ChromaKey Paper)

ChromaKey Tape

Portable Green Screen

ChromaKey Paint

Paint Roller Kit


Upper End DSLR: EOS-1D X Mark III

Lens for EOS-1D X Mark III

Memory Card for EOS-1D X Mark III

Card Reader for EOS-1D X Mark III


Mid-Range DSLR: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera With Lens

High Speed Memory Card

Entry Level DSLR: EOS Rebel T8i With Lens

High Speed Memory Card


Camera & Laptop Backpack

LED Panel Studio Lighting (We Use Qty 4)

Mini On-Camera Display: Feelworld 6″ Monitor

Batteries for Feelworld 6″ Monitor

Adaptor for Feelworld Monitor: ULANZI ST-06

Noise Cancelling Headphones: Sony WH-1000XM5

Alternative To Sony Headphones: Bose 700


PC Workstation for Video Editing (13th Gen i9 + GeForce 4090)

Adobe Premiere Pro Software


Drone For Ariel Videography: DJI Mini 3

Motorized Camera Slider: Neewer 47.2″ (120cm) Slider

Phone Gimbal Stabilizer



Roger Love – Set Your Voice Free

How To Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck

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Assembly Instructions

  1. Extend the legs of the heavy-duty light stand.
  2. Attach the threaded screw adapter and the combo reversible thread adapter onto the light stand.
  3. Mount the Nikon 7070 to the top.
  4. Place the beamsplitter mirror in the Nikon 7070 and tighten it (do not over-tighten!).
  5. Adjust the light stand height so that the center of the mirror is at eye level.
  6. Attach the tray and place your display on it.
  7. While holding the glass, loosen the mirror and adjust it to approximately 45 degrees so you see the reflection of your screen in the center of the mirror. Retighten the glass.
  8. Place your DSLR in back of the glass on a tripod.
  9. Your speech teleprompter is now assembled. If you plan to record through the glass, proceed to the next steps.
  10. Cut the black cloth to fit your mirror, leaving extra to be trimmed later.
  11. Using the binder clips, attach the black cloth to the top, sides, and bottom of the glass and drape back over your camera lens.
  12. Clip the cloth around the camera so light isn’t getting inside to cause unwanted reflections on the back of the glass.

Video Walk-Through