How To Mirror Flip PowerPoint Slides

Mirror flipping PowerPoint slides is easy…IF you know how. In this guide, I’m going to take you through several simple techniques how you can mirror flip your slides without manually editing each one.

This guide will make it super simple to deliver your speech or presentation in PowerPoint using a teleprompter or beamsplitter glass.

  1. Flip Your PowerPoint slides using a converter box. Simply plug your laptop or iPad (with adapter) into a HDMI MirrorBox and it will flip your signal automatically.
  2. Use a Samsung TV and enter the service menu to turn on mirror flipping. Make sure you’re using a Samsung model 5300 or above.
  3. If you’re using a Mac, you can mirror flip your screen using our Mac Mirror Flip Utility
  4. Connect your Mac using the app Air Display. This handy app allows you to project your Mac onto an iPad and also supports built-in mirror flipping.
  5. Use UltraMon software to mirror flip your PC or Mac.
  6. Flip your PowerPoint using a projector. Note that although this won’t work with beamsplitter glass (or teleprompter), it works great on a projection screen.
  7. Flip your display using a First Surface Mirror, then bounce it off a
  8. Transform your video in VLC player using Video Effects > Geometry > Transform. Note you’ll have to record your powerpoint into a video file, such as .mp4 format, before you can use VLC to play it.