15 Quick & Actionable Teleprompter Tips

Master your teleprompter with our easy teleprompter academy lessons.
#1 Use the teleprompter script as you would cue cards–you don’t need to read it word-for-word.
#2 Don’t memorize your lines. That’s what a teleprompter is for.
#3 Don’t simply read the text.
#4 Get crazy! Be entertaining. Don’t be a static robot.
#5 Carefully set your background and lighting.
#6 Good quality recording–4k is ideal to future proof your videos.
#7 Use multiple camera angles.
#8 Make sure your audio is clear (having good audio quality keeps people much more engaged).
#9 Learn how to control your facial expressions and body language (“loose and lively”)
#10 Move teleprompter sufficiently far away that you can capture your body language.
#11 Don’t talk in a robot voice. Use pause, emotion, highs and lows.
#12 4k and 60 fps to achieve maximum exposure on youtube and future-proof your recordings.
#13 Using makeup and clothing to communicate a style or establish an identity.
#14 Use a teleprompter to take single take videos (speed production time).
#15 Choose the best type of teleprompter for your type of project.

Content Creation Teleprompter

Build a “Party Prompter” by combining beamsplitter with a tablet or cell phone. Unlike a regular teleprompter, a Party Prompter allows you to see your entire body while you talk instead of reflecting text. This allows you to focus on your body language, hand gesture, and facial expressions instead of being distracted and slowed down by scrolling text, tedious rehearsing, and reliance on clunky teleprompter software.